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Lowveld Building & Maintenance offer interior & exterior painting – from raw plaster to a neat touch up. We specialise in all types of painting in and all types of special painting techniques. Our paint projects are nothing short of a true masterpiece on completion!

Our painting services cover the following; Wall, Roof tiles, Roof sheeting and Steel. We also offer industrial painting such as silos and aggressive corrosion control paint. We come with extensive knowledge regarding paint and paint types. Specialising in water damage control on walls and also ceilings.

All our projects are overseen and carefully managed by our highly skilled team. We ensure that each member of our painting team, from supervisors, managers and painters, are well trained and experienced, conducting and following a strict procedure of careful disposal of the hazardous chemicals and materials. We have the right people for the job!

If you require painting assistance & services – Feel free to contact us for a free quotation or professional advice.

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